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Recipe 1.0 - Herbal Tea with Digestive Focus

An herbal tea that focuses on the digestion of the stomach. The herbs in Recipe 1.0 are selected to effectively relieve gas and promote digestion, and are taken as needed.
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A very beneficial tea

By pure coincidence, tried this tea, when my husband bought it for his sensitive stomach. I drank it in the evening a while before going to sleep and felt that I slept somewhat better than usual. Has difficulty sleeping and often sleeps quite restlessly. Now I drink it almost every night and find it helps, especially when I feel stressed. Maybe not 100%, but a good bit on the way with a relaxing effect. Both chamomile and peppermint are said to be soothing. So good for soul and stomach, as my husband also thinks it helps with a particularly sensitive stomach.

Anniki Andersson
Recipe 1.0t

I have IBS and am constantly trying to support my stomach and intestines for better health. I prefer herbal products that are kind to the body and have been used by humans for centuries. These drops are great for my digestion, which is otherwise easily disturbed, and also taste unexpectedly good.


Fennel is really good for my usually constipated stomach. If I drink this in the evening, I know for sure that a visit to the toilet is guaranteed the next morning 😄
Smells lovely and the herbs are of top quality.

Elin Hedin
good feeling

makes it easier when I'm full

Great tea!

Good tea that calms my stomach!

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS is an abbreviation of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The term refers to an irritable or hypersensitive bowel. The condition is also known as irritable bowel syndrome and functional bowel syndrome.


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