About Pharmacy Garden

About Pharmacy Garden

Pharmacy Garden proudly holds a protected trademark under True Health AB, headquartered in Nacka. Our mission is to provide traditional, well-documented herbal products to the Scandinavian region, prioritizing the well-being of our valued customers and dedicated employees.

Throughout history, medicinal herbs have played a vital role, but unfortunately, much of this knowledge has been forgotten over time. However, at Pharmacy Garden, we remain committed to preserving and reviving this valuable wisdom for those who truly appreciate its benefits.

Drawing inspiration from Serbia, renowned for its strong homeopathic tradition, we have harnessed the expertise of the Dr. Josif Pančić Institute. With nearly 200 collaborators, including esteemed professionals holding doctoral titles, the institute has played a significant role in advancing the science of homeopathy. As a state-run institution, it adheres to rigorous standards such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

Many of our commonly used medicines trace their origins back to the plant kingdom. By embracing herbal teas crafted from medicinal plants, we not only prioritize our well-being but also contribute to the preservation of nature. Unlike industrially produced drugs, herbal medicine poses no threat of medical pollution. Herbs exist naturally in our environment and do not contribute to the environmental issues associated with mass-produced pharmaceuticals.

Trust Pharmacy Garden as your partner on the journey to natural well-being. Rediscover the power of herbal remedies while preserving the harmony between human health and the environment we call home.

Herbal medicine is good for the environment

Globally, we use about 100,000 tons of industrially produced medicine, which eventually finds its way into our nature. Studies from, among others , the University of Plymouth, UK show that medical contamination is a growing problem, as we have problems with, among other things, resistant bacteria.