Why are sun-dried herbs good?

Soltorkade örter - Sundried herbs

Why are sun-dried herbs good?

To preserve and concentrate the properties of an herb, they are dried.

Drying herbs preserves the herb, its essential oils and concentrates its flavor. But not all drying methods give desirable results. Unfortunately, the priority for large producers is unfortunately lower cost - not quality. That is the reason for the development of various quick and cheap drying methods that you probably have never heard of (and you probably wouldn't believe) such as freeze drying, vacuum drying, infrared drying, radio frequency drying, ultrasonic drying, microwave drying, pressure drop drying... All these methods neglect the weight of retaining essential oils in the dried leaves, and thus its healing properties.

We at Pharmacy Garden use sun-dried herbs. Of course, sun drying is a more expensive process because it requires more space and time, but it is the only technique that preserves the potency of herbs as nature intended.

At Pharmacy Garden, we want to preserve the tradition of using healing herbs that have been used for thousands of years, but which have fallen into oblivion and where important steps in processes, such as drying, have been replaced by modern methods. Unfortunately, this means destroying the essence of healing herbs, i.e. its essential oils.
All our products consist of sun-dried herbs, to maximize the benefits of the essential oils. The herbs are therefore full of their essential healing oils at their maximum potential.

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