Cultivated vs wild plants

Skillnaden mellan vildplockade och odlade örter

Why do wild plants have a higher nutrient content?

Cultivated plants harvested, transported and stored in a way that negatively affects the nutritional value of the plants. The conditions during the cultivation itself are most important for the nutritional value of the plants. Bacteria in the soil are important players and increase the availability of various nutrients. When the plants are separated from the plant, the nutrient supply from the soil is interrupted. In order for plants and vegetables to then be able to form new nutrients, water and carbon dioxide, stored sugar in the plant is broken down, which makes the shelf life short.

Cultivated plants and vegetables that go to the store are usually harvested before they reach full maturity. This is so that they can handle storage better. However, the closer to full maturity you harvest, the more nutrition the vegetables have time to develop.

We at Pharmacy Garden therefore choose wild-picked herbs that are picked according to season, and dried immediately after harvest to preserve all the health substances in the herbs.

In addition, the most sustainable way to obtain these fantastic raw materials.

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