What does premium herbs mean and how does wild-picked work?

Vildplockade örter från Pharmacy Garden

What does premium herbs mean and how does wild-picked work?

Pharmacy Garden uses herbs from south-eastern Europe.

According to the latest estimates, the flora of Serbia alone contains 3272 species and 390 subspecies, making Serbia a country with very high floristic diversity and density per unit area, compared to other European countries.

Medicinal herbs from southeastern Europe are characterized by extremely high quality, that is, a high content of active substances.

This is due to very favorable environmental conditions.

Precipitation, temperature, number of sunny days, humidity, and soil quality strongly influence the quality of the herbs.

Due to a low degree of cultivated land, especially the hard-to-reach hilly areas of the country (where most of the wild herb gathering also takes place), soil, air and water resources are not affected by pesticides, heavy metals, fertilizers and other harmful synthetic substances.

Therefore, herbs from Serbia have a quality that cannot be compared with, for example, greenhouse-grown herbs that you find in the grocery store. Not only that, as the herbs are hand-picked directly from nature, the climate footprint is also extremely small.

That is why we at Pharmacy Garden have focused on basing our products on herbs from this region.

How does wild picking work?

There are about 4,000 organized collectors (or rather collector families) in Serbia. The actual number of individual collectors is estimated at around 12,000 people. In addition, there is also a great interest among the general public in collecting wild herbs. Similar to mushroom picking or blueberry picking in Sweden.

To protect the plants from overexploitation, some of them are under legal protection.

Serbia conducts habitat and landscape protection within the framework of 489 nature conservation areas, of which 5 are national parks.

5.9% of the entire territory of Serbia is protected area, with an increasing trend.

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