What is dandelion root good for?

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What is Dandelion Root?

To the untrained and ignorant, the dandelion (Taraxaci officinalis) is a weed that should be eliminated or used as a fun toy for their bladder balls, but dandelion leaves, flowers and roots are actually used in herbal medicine or as food.

What is dandelion root good for?

Dandelion root is well known for stimulating appetite and bile secretion. It also stimulates the secretion of urine and facilitates bowel movements. It is used for inflammation of the gallbladder, gallstones, indigestion and muscular rheumatism.

The European Medicines Agency on dandelion root:

Indication 1:

Traditional herbal medicine used to relieve symptoms related to mild digestive disorders (such as abdominal fullness, gas and slow digestion).

Indication 2:

Traditional herbal medicine for temporary loss of appetite.

Indication 3:

Traditional herbal medicine to increase the amount of urine to achieve flushing of the urinary tract or as an additional treatment for minor urinary problems.

Dandelion root is a traditional herbal medicine for use in specified indications based exclusively on long-term use.

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